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Here is list of the commonly asked questions we receive from visitors to our site. If your question is not answered here then please get in touch using our contact form here.

  1. This Site Is Just Another Big Scam Isn’t It?
  2. Are You Associated With BBC Watchdog?
  3. So Why Do You Only Approve a Few Nootropic Pills?
  4. Are There Any Connections Between the Approved Products?
  5. Some Of Your Reviews Are Clearly Wrong?
  6. You Own Some Of The Nootropic Pills Don’t You?
  7. So Why Do You Need To Earn A Commission?
  8. I’m A Merchant How Can I Get Approved On Here?
  9. So Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?
  10. Can I Place An Advert On Your Site?
  11. I Bought A Nootropic Supplement And Want My Money Back!
  12. I Left A Comment But It Hasn’t Appeared?
  13. What Can I Do To Help The Site Thrive?

1. This Site Is Just Another Big Scam Isn’t It?

We have had several comments recently which all seem to emanate from disgruntled Merchants. The common accusation is that we are just another affiliate review site, trying to flog nootropic supplements and pills like all the others.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as the whole reason for setting this site up was to expose the seedier side of the supplement industry. We do receive a commission for some of the products we review, however it does not affect whether we approve or reject a nootropic supplement.

For instance, 99% of the supplement merchants have some form of marketing incentive in place and it would be very easy to sign up, approve their products and receive a nice commission. This would go against the whole ethos of the site so we do not do this.

Put simply if a nootropic pill does not meet our criteria then it gets rejected, even if we could earn a commission from saying it’s the real deal.

2. Are You Associated With BBC Watchdog?

Whilst we would like to think that some of our research and investigations come close to the excellent reports that they produce, we have no association and nothing to do with the BBC Watchdog organisation and UK programme.

If you are looking for information on the UK BBC Watchdog programme.

2. So Why Do You Only Approve a Few Nootropic Pills?

As discussed we have a clear criteria for approving a nootropic pill, which can be seen more clearly on the approved nootropic pill page. We take each nootropic pill on its merits and look at it objectively by looking at both the product itself and the company behind it. Even if we could earn money from approving it that does not always happen and is never a factor in our decisions.

4. Are There Any Connections Between the Approved Products?

There are no corporate connections that we have found between manufacturers in our approved nootropic pills list. Some of the companies produce a number of nootropic supplements, some of these are approved and some are rejected. Currently there are over seven different companies on our approved list, all owned by different companies with, as far as we know, no connection to each other.

5. Some Of Your Reviews Are Clearly Wrong?

As the industry is constantly changing and merchants change how they market the products, then in some cases they change some of the terms, details or claims for the product. In some cases we may not have got around to dealing with these changes and our reviews may not reflect the latest developments. When this is brought to our attention we re-check our facts, and if the product information has changed, we are happy to either approve the product or reject it, based on up to date information received.

6. You Own Some Of The Nootropic Pills Don’t You?

We can categorically state that Watchdog Reviews Inc. DO NOT OWN or have a financial interest in any of the products we feature on this site. This would create a conflict of interest and it would mean we could not look at a product without being biased.

Many of the supplement merchants out there DO own the nootropic pills they are reviewing and go as far as advertising these review sites on Google. Of course they approve and rate highly all of their own products, which is against the guidance of the Federal Trade Commission.

This is precisely why we have two disclaimers on the site and these FAQs. We want to be as open and transparent as possible with our visitors, so that they are clear that we may receive a commission for some of the products we recommend.

This gives the consumer the full knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

This is no different from, for instance the large comparison sites that are popular at the moment, as well as the huge retailers like Amazon.

7. So Why Do You Need To Earn A Commission?

It would be great if we received funding for our site, but at the end of the day we need to earn a living like everyone else. We are never going to get rich from this site, as the commissions we earn only just cover our running costs. We put a massive amount of time into the work we do and also have some writers working for us, who again need to be paid.

We hope that this once more demonstrates our honesty with you.

8. I’m A Merchant How Can I Get Approved On Here?

We are more than happy to look at your product, but bear in mind we have pretty strict criteria. If you have a fantastic product with outstanding customer service and a full no questions money back guarantee then get in touch.

There are no guarantees of course but if you are proud to stand behind your brand then we want to hear from you. You don’t even need to offer a commission to us, if it’s a product that will offer value to our site and real diet answers to consumers then it will get on the approved list.

Of course if you are peddling a “free trial” or undertaking any other questionable marketing then you haven’t got a chance, sorry but that the way it is. The consumers come first on our book!

9. So Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?

The main person behind this site is myself, Mike Summers and my background is as a Sports Science Graduate with a first class honors degree. In earlier days I was a competitive athlete where supplements and food intake was critical. I have been involved in the supplement industry for over 10 years and have seen all angles from the consumer to the merchants and the affiliates.

As a result of seeing some of the misery left behind by dubious practices I thought it was time to make a stand and let everyone know what was really going on. I then teamed up with an old friend from University, and together we put our combined knowledge together.

We now have a team of writers and researchers working for us and have some exciting developments in the pipeline.

10. Can I Place An Advert On Your Site?

Sorry we don’t allow any paid adverts on the site as it means we may not have full control what appears. For example we could sign up with an advertising network like Google who will serve us ads, but some of these may well be for the exact products we campaign against.

Some of the marketers behind the nootropic pills are extremely talented at manipulating the ad networks and manage to get the fake news sites approved in order to show the illegal adverts. This is exactly why we can never allow this sort of advertising.

11. I Bought A Diet Pill And Want My Money Back!

We offer as much advice as possible to help you get your money back and have written several guides and articles to help you. Please bear in mind you should have a genuine case and not be trying be trying to work the system.

As we do not own any of the products ourselves then it is not something we can sort out for you personally.

Contacting the manufacturer you bought the nootropic supplement from is always the first step and if they are reputable you will get a refund with no questions asked.

12. I Left A Comment But It Hasn’t Appeared?

Not all comments go live straight away, as we have to check them for spam first. We try to do this as quickly as possible but in some cases it can take a day or so for your comment to appear.

We welcome all feedback on the site good and bad and are happy to print anything that will help other consumers.

13. What Can I Do To Help The Site Thrive?

We are always looking for help with what we do in whatever way you can. Please share this site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media sites. The more people, who know about the dodgy practices going on the better, spread the love!

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